Notes to view AUGUST 2020 Accepted Applicants

Either enter your National ID i.e 34-082434L70, Surname Or select programme from drop down list and click find respectively.
National ID

Please take note of the following:

a) Students should have paid at least 50% of the semester`s tuition fees in order to register.

b) Comfortable student accommodation for the Conventional and Parallel is available on a first come first served basis to students who would have paid the semester fees in full. Accommodation fee ranges from RTGS$300 to RTGS$380 per semester excluding meals. Meals are provided at the University`s Dinning Halls at a subsidised rate of RTGS$3 per meal.

c) Selection of students is still in progress. Admission letters can either be collected from the Admissions Office or printed from the website.

Fees must be deposited into either of the following University accounts: Account Name: Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo Branch

Account Number: ZB Bank - 4407-413851-200; CBZ - 02520620340038

For more information you can contact us on: Telephone: +26339 2266648/58/60/62, +26339 2266838, 08677004747